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  • Painless Ways To Save $300 This Month
      Are you ready to bulk up your emergency fund or need some additional cash quickly? I’ve gathered 29 of my favorite ways to save money and bulk up my account quickly. By doing these, you should be able to get at least $300 extra in your account by the end of the month. Do […]
  • 8 Moving Tips That Are Actually Helpful
    Recently, our landlord notified us that he would be selling the rental we live in.  We had already decided that we would not be interested in purchasing this home for a few different reasons and knew it was time to move. After moving through a few different rentals in our time together, it seems like moving really […]
  • Prime Day + Free Amazon Prime Trial!
    If you do not yet have Amazon Prime, today is THE day to sign up!  Today is Prime day and there are some incredible deals right now.  Many of them are ending soon so you should go shop right now so you don’t miss out! Be sure to visit frequently throughout the day so you […]