Revolutionize Your Schedule: The Realistic and Simple Way We Organize Our Lives

I currently work in retail and my schedule is anything but regular.  Luckily for us, my husband works a set schedule!

Trying to fit in events, groceries, and errands with our ever changing schedule can be quite the challenge. This past summer we had more than our fair share of events, appointments, packing to do for our move (check out 8 Moving Tips That are Actually Helpful), and of course those unexpected wrenches tossed into our schedule.

Why is my Life so Chaotic?

We were so frustrated with our schedules and felt utterly out of control. Life felt chaotic, busy, and was hard to enjoy.

Then the light bulb went off, we simply needed more organization in our lives. We needed to have more control of our schedule and have a plan before hand.  Controlled chaos!

 Then the light bulb went off, we simply needed more organization in our lives.

One of my great friends introduced me to the Bullet Journal and it has utterly revolutionized the organization in my life.

A What?!

If you have never heard of a bullet journal, it is basically a life planner and journal of things that happened each day.  Head over to and watch the basic video. Now, you can go crazy like people on Pinterest with your bullet journal, however  I was in the market to simplify my life, not make it more complicated.

Bullet Journal

My bullet journal has drastically increased my productivity because I have all of the information I need for my life in one book.  There are lists, brainstorms, and ideas filling pages and I never have to go searching for that appointment card any longer.  Pure organization at it’s best!

We Say No.

My bullet journal is an easy way for me to look at the week and realize that we have too much planned to take on any additional projects or events.  It really is okay to say no thank you to invitations to events, even if you love someone.

My general rule for deciding to say no to an event is to answer the question “Will going to this event cause more stress than good?”.  If the answer is yes, I politely decline the invitation.  Sometimes the events are for important people in my life, and that means setting up another time to get together to be able to enjoy our time.  Luckily, many people understand the stresses of life and are compassionate when you say no, but still want to spend time together.

Look at the week ahead, but be flexible. Sometimes we choose to attend the event, but then push a few to-dos for the week to the future (especially if they are not time sensitive).

You cannot let your calendar rule you!

Do you need more organization in your life? I challenge you to try out a Bullet Journal!  If you go to Pinterest, you can see SUPER creative, beautiful bullet journals that are more like a masterpiece than a planner, but I stick to minimalism and Ryder’s original principles.

Simple is good.



When You Long To Be a Grandma : An Open Letter from an Infertile’s Mother

After writing Infertility, One Year Later : An Open Letter to Our Friends, I received a message from a woman who longed to be a grandmother.  She told me how touched she was by the post I wrote but also said that she wishes there were more posts written by the parents of the women and men impacted by infertility. So I did the most natural thing next in this conversation– I told her that she should do it!

This woman isn’t just anyone messaging me.  This woman is someone who has been in Brandon’s life longer than he has been alive.  This woman is an adopted aunt– adopted by choice and love only.   Not only does infertility impact her biological family, but impacts her chosen family as well.

I believe one of the reasons that the grandparent’s side is not always written is that fewer grandparents feel the pain of infertility.  They’re busy loving, doting over, and chatting up their current grandchildren and do not feel a part of them missing.   This post was most certainly written to tell her personal story and show the world the story of a grandparent that experiences the pain of loss associated with infertility.

We are beyond blessed to have someone in our lives that feels the pain of something missing, too.  Even if the pain is different.

Grandparents are not alone in their longing, either, and I think it is time that we give them a voice, too.


This is one of the hardest things I will ever write in my life.

Losing a baby is heartbreaking and never easy to deal with.  Miscarriage and infant loss are becoming more and more acknowledged in the public eye- which is wonderful.  There are many different levels of this loss. Infertility Diagnoses (PCOS, Azospermia, etc), other medical issues that have caused infertility, or experienced an unexplained loss, it is all painful.

My viewpoint is a very different one than traditionally posed online.

I am the grandmother of four babies.  Four babies lost too soon.  My daughter and  daughter-in-law have both lost two babies over the past year.  Four of my grandbabies.

The heartbreak that I feel is twofold.  I’m grieving for my child’s inability to fulfill their dream of being a parents, and I’m grieving for my lost grandbabies.

How do you try to comfort your children in their grief when you are grieving the loss as well? How do you continue to be there support while feeling so broken and dying inside? How do you not feel guilty for being so blessed because you were able to birth your daughter and sons?

My biological daughter has had two ectopic pregnancies; one in each tube.

Both times I could have lost her! The most recent time, I sat in the emergency room with her and watched as the pain racked her body. I watched her become as white as a sheet. Suddenly her blood pressure dropped. She looked at me and there was a final goodbye in her eyes.  I know this look well from my time spent as a nurse. I have been with those who have passed away.  I realize how close she was and I am so thankful that my little girl (my only baby girl) was saved that day! It was the same ER Doctor, Gynecologist that just six months earlier had saved her life from sepsis of an undiagnosed ectopic pregnancy.  The pregnancy had turned to liquid.   I am thankful that Angels, thoughts, or the big guy/gal in the sky heard my screams. There are still so many questions about her future.  She had yet another surgery recently that they had to remove part of her reproductive system, but our prayers were answered yet again when we received the best possible outcome from the surgery.  Although not ideal, it truly was the best outcome we could pray for.

As for my son and daughter in law; just four short months after finding out she was pregnant, she miscarried.

Six months after that she found out pregnant again and the joy came flooding back.  We were devastated to discover another miscarriage had occurred. After the second miscarriage she was advised to use a permanent birth control—- she opted for a Mirena.  Placing the Mirena almost took her life. They tore her cervix and struggled to control the bleeding.  After all of this, my daughter-in-law was severely depressed (and understandably so).

All of this happened over two years.

It seemed like every three months it was happening again.  As of January this year, my daughter-in-law was diagnosed as post-partum depression.   My daughter is fighting this same demon, but has not been officially diagnosed.

I have felt the loss of my own children, as well.

I know personally the heartache, desire, total disappointment and anger when people say “I thought you were pregnant?”  Or my favorite “I have four grandchildren, how many do you have?” I reply “none.”  “Oh well,” they say “there’s still time, maybe your youngest will give you one.”  If they only knew the pain in my heart.

The pain that I go through daily, watching friends tell me of their grands, or the joy of a seventeen year old wayward child I know (who is carrying a healthy baby), a woman who never wanted children that has two won’t take care of them, but claims to be a great mom on social media.

I cry more often than not!

I have so much love to give and hurt so deeply.  I hesitate to talk to my children about these feelings because they hurt enough! I can’t talk to my fiancé, either.  She is a survivor of four miscarriages and a hysterectomy at age thirty. I sit and ponder who addresses the depth of heartache that the parents of our babies who are having a terrible time whether conceiving or carrying? Who understand the depth of the loss of our grandbabies? Grandbabies bring joy, happiness, and wonder!!!!! Not terrible pain and tears that never end. But here I am- hoping that maybe, with the help of writing, I might move on….

To the women and men struggling with infertility:

The wish for all of you is that the hole in your hearts, minds, souls, and spirits be filled with the love that comes from each other and know that your parents hurt too! We will try to fill that hole, and sometimes we try too hard, and get pushed away- just know that we are always hoping and praying for your dreams to come true!

Thank you taking the time to read my letter.


A heartbroken, heart warmed confused loving mom & grandma of angels.


ps: I want to thank Anne and Brandon, for giving me the courage to write about this…. Maybe it can help someone else out there know they are not alone!